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Lexicographers also argue a connection to the Romance languages, with the word “vagina” rooted in the Latin cunnus, meaning “sword sheath.”.

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To clarify, “cunt” is not a slur but a vulgar insult. Although it is associated with misogyny, it is nothing like the n-word, nor any other rightly.

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Still, there's reason for women to reclaim this word. While cunt's exact origins are unknown because the word is so very old and has sounds that.

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Cunt (/kʌnt/) is a vulgar word for the vulva or vagina and is also used in a variety of other ways, including as a term of disparagement. Reflecting national variations.

“In the 14th century cunt was standard English for the female pudendum, ” writes Jane Mills in Womanwords. A century later it was still “the. So for this reason, I'll stick with the C-word where possible, rather than cunt. It seems that this old word, beloved of Chaucer and Shakespeare.

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