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stick up (one's) ass rude slang A rigid and uptight demeanor. I can't believe Ms. Jones gave me a demerit for being a minute late! Ugh, she has such a stick up her.

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When someone simply will not budge or admit wrongdoing, despite knowing very well that they're wrong and that fact being plain obvious. When someone is.

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To be stern, strict or uptight. (Sometimes in a way that is considered condescending.) I lost some of my friends for beating up a bully. I guess a few of them have.

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It can mean you're a jerk, or act superior to others. It can mean your uptight about everything. It can mean "fuck off". All in all, it's something you would rather not be.

shove/stick sth up your ass! definition: 1. used to tell someone angrily that you do not want or need something that they are offering you. Learn more. It typically means that Jeff is rigid, inflexible, and lacking a sense of humor. It may also mean that Jeff is in a bad mood and not fun to be around at this time. It can.

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