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An expression foretelling a person's doom or demise. Originated from the fact that a murdered person's body decomposes and then provides fertilizer for grass.

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Basically you go further pass parallel tell your ass is almost touching the ground (​"grass"). This ensures you properly work all the muscles. And it looks way more.

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This saying comes from the film “stand by me” originally meaning “ I'm about to kick your ass". Since then it has been widely used in Southern areas of the US.

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(one's) ass is grass. rude slang. 1. One is going to get murdered. A: "We can't let that stool pigeon testify in court.

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Dead bodies fertilize grass. Like "Pushing up daisies". Edit: To be clear. I'm 44 and heard "your ass is grass" long before I heard. www.metaxporn.com › your-ass-is-grass.

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